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New! - Ifi ZEN Signature Set

The ZEN Signature Set comprising both the ZEN DAC Signature and ZEN CAN Signature 6XX is now available. This set includes a high-performance 4.4mm Pentaconn cable to connect them together.

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Dali Opticon MK2 Series Arriving in May

The OPTICON MK2 speaker range majors on clear, undistorted, enjoyable and coherent audio - perfectly complementing music, radio, streaming, TV or movie sources. The speaker series caters to every requirement - offering a speaker for every room and every occasion. Comprising six models ranging from a compact on-wall speaker to a towering floorstander.

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This line of powered bookshelf and desktop speakers are designed to bring any space to life. Crystal-clear, detailed sound for all to enjoy.

Kanto speakers are now back in stock. Available now in a variety of finishes. We have the YU2, YU4 and the SUB8 in stock. All Kanto powered speakers include Bluetooth, phono pre-amp, USB DAC, digital and analogue inputs. Get them now before they are all gone.



Rob is such a great resource and is so generous with his time. I recently bought an iFi Aurora from him. Even though I am in BC, I am so glad I bought it from Art et Son. He sells three lifestyle systems, and he helped by phone me choose the right one for me

Bill Soukoreff

Matériel de haute qualité et service client hors du commun. Rob est à l'écoute des besoins de ses clients et saura vous conseiller un système de la plus haute qualité en respectant votre budget. Vous passerez assurément un moment agréable. Je recommande à 100%.

Clement C

A truly exquisite collection of top notch equipment set in an elegantly minimalistic ambiance. The "art" portion complements perfectly the carefully selected inventory. Super friendly and knowledgeable people.


Montreal reference for audio equipment. Fantastic products but, most important, a genuine, knowledgeable and passionate owner. Rob is great. This world needs more Robs.

Alberto Moccagatta