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Chord ANNI Desktop Integrated Amplifier

Coming Late 2021 / Disponible fin 2021

Chord Electronics has unveiled its first ever small desktop amplifier, the Anni. The Anni brings ULTIMA tech to today's high-performance headphones and compact loudspeakers. The Anni is the same size as it line mates the Qutest DAC and Huei phono stage, and all three fit together in Chord Electronics' Qutest Stand System

The new Anni desktop integrated amplifier is capable of powering both high-performance headphones and desktop loudspeakers.
The compact amplifier forms part of the Qutest range and seamlessly complements the resolving abilities of the multi-award-winning Qutest standalone DAC and Huei phono stage. As a system, the Qutest components provide an unrivalled desktop audio solution that is perfectly supported by the compact QSS (Qutest Stand System). In consistency with the rest of the Qutest range, Anni will only be available in black. 
The key features of Anni include: 

  • Compact CNC-milled chassis 
    (Robust high-grade aluminium)
  • Dual-feed-forward error-correction topology 
    (Correcting any distortion in the signal by the amplifier)
  • 10 W of ULTIMA amplification 
    (Capable of driving any headphones as well as powering compact loudspeakers with error-monitoring)
  • Two-stage gain control 
    (Provides extra flexibility with a wide range of desktop monitors)
  • Qutest range power adaptor 
    (Used to power Qutest and Huei from a single power source when used as a full system)

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