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I’m Rob and Art and Sound represents my life-long dream of connecting with music lovers everywhere and together navigating the minefield of what we like to call "HiFi".

 Rob from Art et Son 
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At your Service!

With the highest level of personal service in a welcoming and non-pretentious environment, I offer to people just like you, hand-picked audio components geared towards convenience and quality sound; all of this wrapped into a stylish product that will fit seamlessly into your home décor. At Art and Sound I prefer to avoid technical jargon, “spec” quoting and old school selling tactics that have disillusioned music enthusiasts in the past. In return I am able to offer a pleasant non-intimidating listening and shopping experience.

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Call me Crazy Amazon

I continue to believe that physical brick and mortar retail locations are still relevant, especially in audio, (everyone said that I was crazy to start this venture back in 2016!) Look, if you are able, it is always better see and hear what you spend your hard earned money on. Besides, walking into my beautiful boutique affords one the opportunity to get to chat with “yours truly”, now that is worth the trip alone!  (well ok, the chat might not be life altering ;-).  Now, I do believe in e-commerce as well and through this site, can offer you the same great products that you will find in my store.

So Drop By!

Browse my site, call me or better yet, drop by!  I’m always here at 5448 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, directly across from Ubisoft, just south of Saint-Viateur street in Montreal’s beautiful Mile-end neighbourhood. Street parking is readily available and access by public transport is easy.
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Always listening and looking forward to meeting you!

Rob Sutcliffe