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Wireworld Ultraviolet USB-A to USB-B 2.0 cable (U2AB)

The same advanced design as the Starlight 8 USB, built with less silver to save cost, Ultraviolet's surprising musicality proves that Wireworld's superior designs produce the best value and sound quality in USB audio cables. Exceeds official USB high speed specifications. Available with A to B plugs, or A to Micro-B plugs.


DESIGN: Uni-Path  –  90 Ohms

SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 3    Gauge: 28AWG  |  0.08 sq. mm

CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper


PLUG CONTACTS: 24k gold plating

NOTE: C2AB (A to B plugs); C2AM (A to Micro-B plugs) available


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