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Wireworld CHROMA 8 USB 3.0 (USB A-to-USB B)

For Series 8, the upgrade to Composilex 3 and adding more strand groups has increased musicality, resolution and dynamic contrasts.

Chroma USB brings the rewarding sound quality of the Uni-Path design and Composilex 3 down to a price that is only slightly higher than standard cables. Like all Wireworld USB cables, in also features an isolated noise-absorbing power conductor that improves sonic purity. Chroma 8 far exceeds the official USB 3.0 specifications.

Wireworld's Uni-Path design utilizes 4 signal conductors to create 4 efficient paths for electromagnetic energy; twice as many as a conventional USB cable. The Chroma 8 also features Compolisex 3 insulation technology to control electrostatic energy.



90 Ohms

Signal Conductors
Qty: 12
Gauge: 248AWG | 0.08 sq. mm

Conductor Material
Oxygen-Free Copper

Composilex 3

Plug Contacts
24k Gold-Plated

C3AB - A to B

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