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TonTrager Reference Harbeth Super HL5Plus Stands

TonTrager Reference Stands for Harbeth

Super HL5Plus

• All TonTrä products are manufactured in an artisanal, traditional way.
• Classic wooden joints are used.
• The frame construction of the reference stands is developed on the principle of light-weight construction.
• The profile of the frame structure is well balanced between filigree appearance and the required stability.

Extended Tenons
• The frames of the audio boards are joined with a mortise and tenon joint.
• The so-called "extended tenons" are evolved out of the wood connection to form the four contact points for the speaker.
• The upper tenons absorb cabinet resonances.
• The lower tenons serve to decouple external influences.
• The "extended tenons" replace the use of spikes.

• An oval hollow on top of the tenons reduces the contact surface to achieve maximum form fit.
• The TonBeds prevent vibration bridges.

• The TonTrä logo is made of high-quality brass.
• The TonTräger column is cut out using Microcut waterjet technology

Material Wood
• The material wood is unsurpassed in the sum of its sonic characteristics and is ideally suited to the construction of sound furniture.
• Vibrations are particularly well absorbed.

• The elaborately finished surface is purpose-designed by TonTrä
• Pigments and solvent-free natural oils are applied by hand in several painstaking steps.
The result is a durable, tactile and visually appealing surface.
• Through the deep black, silky, lustrous finish, the distinctive wood grain is still preserved.

Placement and Underground
• The TonTrä reference stands are easy to set up.
• For speaker placement, small wooden plates are included as an adjustment aid
• Paper strips are included with the delivery to compensate for any minor irregularities.
• For optimum listening results we recommend placing your stands on a slate plate.

Technical Data

Weight: 2,7 kg
Height: 44 cm


Available in Beech Black as a standard finish.

Additional finishes (Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Natural Beech) available as special order.

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