Technics 1200GR2 Grand Class Delta Sigma Drive Turntable

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More arriving in August / Disponible de nouveau en aout

The improved motor-drive circuit centered on the newly developed ΔΣ-Drive (Delta Sigma Drive) thoroughly suppresses any minute vibrations generated from the motor. This is the first stage of Technics’ new generation of direct drive turntables that aim for further improvements in sound quality.

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Coreless direct drive motor achieving stable rotation

ΔΣ-Drive suppresses vibrations from the motor for smoother, more accurate rotation

Low-noise, low-voltage power circuit and a switching power supply

Two-layer platter with high rigidity and vibration damping

Tonearm achieving high initial-motion sensitivity

High-rigidity body and high-damping silicon insulators for smooth sound and isolation from various vibrations

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