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Iso Acoustics ISO PUCK 76

The ISO-PUCK 76 is the latest addition to award winning ISO-PUCK isolator series. With a weight capacity of 40 lbs (18 KG) per unit, the ISO-PUCK 76 is designed for heavier studio monitors, speakers and subwoofers.


Weight Capacity

The ISO-PUCK series consists of 3 models, each designed with different weight capacities. 3 or more pucks can be used at a time depending on the weight of the speaker or monitor. The weight capacities for each model are as follows:

  • ISO-PUCK mini – 6 lbs (2.75 KG) / unit
  • ISO-PUCK – 20 lbs (9 KG) / unit
  • ISO-PUCK 76 – 40 lbs (18 KG) / unit


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