Harbeth Nelson Bass Extender + Stand Solution (pair)

Sale price$5,000.00 CAD


The Harbeth Nelson bass extender + stand solution delivers intense bass performance for mini monitors, including all Harbeth P3ESR and BBC LS3/5A models, without compromising space. Its innovative design incorporates a Harbeth

5-inch drive unit and 50 watts of digital amplifier power, resulting in exceptional bass control, perfect integration and power output.

Available in a black finish only.


Digital bass extender optimised for use with Harbeth P3ESR, BBC LS3/5A or any unvented bookshelf loudspeaker unit.

Drive Units
110mm Harbeth-made bass drive unit in bandpass enclosure.

Frequency Response
35Hz – 75Hz, ±3dB free-space

Active, >5 kilohm transformer balanced input – presents virtually no load to main amplifier

Power handling

A fitted lead connects to the binding posts of the host loudspeaker

Power Supply
Requires 24V D.C. 2.5A power supply. 5.5 / 2.1mm, centre positive. Reverse polarity protected.

Size & Weight

Height (+ 20mm with spikes)

730mm to top of speaker mounting plate

1145mm to top of P3ESR

970mm to P3ESR tweeter

350mm diameter

7.6kg each (without packing)

11.2kg each (with packing)

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