Dan Clark E3 Planar Magnetic Closed Back Headphones

Sale price$2,699.00 CAD



Available in mid June / Disponible en mi-juin

Dan Clark Audio E3 planar magnetic, closed back, ultra high performance headphone. E3 delivers a stunning level of performance and value, incorporating all the technological and ergonomic achievements of our flagship headphones, but at a more accessible price point. 

Incorporating an all-new 5th generation driver and our pioneering Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System, or AMTS, E3 delivers a true flagship performance, without the flagship cost.  


  • Weight: 455gr
  • Impedance: 27ohms
  • Sensitivity: ~90 dB/mW
  • Frequency response: Yes, it has one
  • Distortion: < 0.1% ref 80dB White Noise
  • Warranty: 2 Years

In the Box:

  • E3 Headphones by Dan Clark Audio
  • Carrying Case
  • VIVO Cable
  • Cable pouch
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Manual

VIVO Cable Options:

E3 comes standard with the following VIVO cable:

  • 6.3mm (6ft)

By special order, this cable can be exchanged for:

  • 3.5mm (6ft)
  • XLR Balanced (6ft)
  • 4.4mm Balanced (3.5ft)
  • 2.5mm Balanced (3.5ft)
  • 6.3mm (10ft) [+$70]
  • XLR Balanced (10ft) [+$70]

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