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Custom Design Inert Speaker Stand Filler

For over 24 years Custom Design has recommended Inert Filler to enhance the performance of all of the speaker stand designs.

With constant research and development no more appropriate material has been found. Custom Design Inert Filler is a specially sourced material for dampening speaker stand support column(s).

Inert Filler is a none magnetic, none resonant, inert material that will not rust the insides of metal columns.

It consists of 1mm to 2mm angular particles with the dense consistency that provides an ideal material for mass loading speaker stand supports.

Angular shapes pack more densely to eliminating as much as possible of the air within the material inside the support column and enhances the dampening effect over other filler materials.

Mass loading and dampening the centre support column(s)is an easy upgrade to a Custom Design Speaker stand that is well worth doing.

Particularly noticable will be more control and precision timing to the bass frequencies which in turn improves definition of higher frequencies.

It is easy to add Custom Design Inert Filler incrementally until the desired bass control has been obtained (there is a general guide to the recommended amount but you can always contact us for advice on the amount needed)

Inert Filler is supplied in dry, individual sealed bags. Approx size of each bag 170MM X 250MM X 22MM

Available in a box of 8 bags or individual bags. Each bag weight is 1.4Kg

Price is $15.00 per bag.

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