Dali oberon 1 bookshelf speaker

"The Oberon 1s are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high quality small speaker with an unfussy nature.” - Hifi Choice 

Reviewed with a 5 stars by WHAT HIFI, we at Art and Sound find the Oberon 1  elegant, bold and compact, with an articulate sound. We listened to Boz Scaggs; Thanks to You), Zaz; Dans ma rue, and Alex Cuba's Dividido to test the Oberon 1 on vocal based material and the delivery of the voices was strong, clear and impressive for a speaker in this price range.

It oversized 29 mm ultra light-weight soft dome tweeter gives the Oberon 1 the ability to handle the highs and detailed mids, while its SMC based 5.25" wood fibre woofer renders the lower midrange and well-timed bass. Allowing an unfiltered and high accuracy rendition of your music. 

With the Oberon 1, like the other speakers of the Oberon series, Dali combined their tradition, ideas and latest sound technologies to offer audiophile sound at an affordable price.

The Oberon 1 are on demonstration in store at 5448 Saint-Laurent Blvd in Montreal and can be ordered online at www.artetson.ca for only $699 CAD