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Lyngdorf MH2 Speakers



With its clear and unstressed sound, the Lyngdorf MH2 speaker calls for playing loud and all night. The speaker is designed for high performance through use of temperature resistant voice coils made from glass fibre & impregnated with polyimide resin, a ventilated magnet as well as a copper cap on the magnet. These measures are straight from our professional design team and minimize temperature build-up and distortion.


In order to have an audiophile performance in this extremely small cabinet we have custom designed the 5.25” midrange driver with a magnet 50% stronger than ordinary drivers. This magnet design results in a higher sensitivity and a linear frequency response in this important frequency range. The speaker cone is made from aluminum, which is extremely light and stiff and designed with a single well defined break-up point, which is easy to counteract in the internal filters. The result is natural and detailed sound even at high music levels. The tweeter is a textile 1” soft dome design, which is chosen for its lightweight design, low noise and linear frequency response which emphasizes musicality. Due to its very compact dimensions, it is mounted very close to the midrange driver for optimizing the vertical dispersion. The wide vertical dispersion means greater flexibility in placing the speakers.


The shallow Lyngdorf MH2 speakers can be placed on furniture, wall mounted, or by using standard aftermarket 100x100mm brackets. The cabinet is extremely compact and solid, emphasizing our focus on dynamic music reproduction without sacrificing natural timbre. The depth of the cabinet is reduced to a minimum, not only for improving the physical footprint, but also to minimize cabinet contributions.


The MH2 speakers hold their ground on their own, but they are designed to be complemented by one or more high-end subwoofers. But if you combine them together with our BW2 high bandwidth subwoofers—along with the TDAI-2170 with built-in RoomPerfect™ and digital crossovers—you will produce a full range system that simply outperforms anything in or above its price range. The logistics are incredibly simple. Just hook up a pair of MH2´s and one or two BW2´s to the TDAI-2170, switch the BW2 to the “bypass” function, and select the preconfigured speaker setup in the TDAI-2170´s setup menu. Finish it off by running RoomPerfect™. Then sit back and enjoy.

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