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iFi iRack

iFi Audio

Funky and functional.

With its non-magnetic stainless-steel pillars and micro vibration control, the iRack cuts down vibration to produce an even smoother musical experience for your choice of iFi micro and nano units.


iRack Standard System

  • Shelves: 4
  • Dimensions: 150mm (l) x 95mm (w) x 139mm (h)
  • Weight: iRack: 0.48kg. Shipped: 0.87kg

iRack Premium System

As above but with additional OHFC continuous cast copper RCA cable set.

  • 1 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects (Length: 43cm)
  • 2 pair of OFC Pure Copper RCA Interconnects (Length: 20cm)
  • 1 audio signal cable 3.5mm > 3.5mm (Length: 15cm.)
  • Weight: iRack: 0.48kg. (Shipped: 0.99kg)

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