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iFi Gemini 3.0

Art and Sound

Dual-Headed USB DACLink Cables. Supersonic sound for Ultra High Fidelity DACs The Gemini3.0 will change the way you listen to music on your home system. We recommend coupling it with the iFi iGalvanic3.0 or micro USB3.0 for the ultimate supersonic sound experience.


USB3 Data

Construction: Minimu inductance parallel construction
Conductors: 24 and 28AWG
Conductor material: Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper silver matrix
Insulation: HD Polyethylene
Shielding: Quadruple-shields
Impedance: 90Ohms
AC spark insulation : 1500V
Connectors: iFi ‘FINAL’ USB connectors
Insulation resistance: 100Mohm
Tensile strength: 1500PSI


Construction: Minimum inductance parallel construction
Conductors: 12AWG
Conductor material: Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper
Insulation: Linear Polyethelyne (LPE) insulation
Current Rating: 30A
Lengths/Weights: 0.7m / 150g (0.33 lbs)
1.5m / 170g (0.37 lbs)
Warranty period: 12 months

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