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Castle Knight 1 Bookshelf Speakers

Art et Son

The Castle Knight 1 are one of the longest running models of any current loudspeakers on the market. There’s a reason for this—They got them right the first time. Unlike current industry fashion to slap a mark 2, or special edition badge on everything, these are simply a classic that doesn’t need to be update because frankly for this price, you can’t make a better speaker. There’s a few magic elements at work here. The first is simply aesthetic. The Castle Knight 1 has a real cherry wood veneer and it looks gorgeous. There is no other speaker on the market that has this kind of stunning veneer at the price. Second, there’s a 5” woofer made of very rigid, lightweight material that moves in an incredibly linear manner for deep bass and accurate mids. Finally there’s a 1” soft dome tweeter that is extended and accurate with no ringing or abnormal peaks. Of course, you can find this basic config on any bookshelf speaker. What is it that makes the Knight 1 so different from everything else? In short, it’s not only the fact that each part is custom made in house by Castle to very high quality, it’s that the whole design was conceived from scratch to work together with a comprehensive integration plan from box to crossover and a sound signature that is completely opposite from all other budget designs. This plan simply was to forget about marketing hype or amped up sonic style and to make a true reference speaker for absolutely no money. And you know what? Castle has done it. There are speakers costing $2000 that don’t sound as good as this

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