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Music Hall MINI PLUS Preamplifier

The music hall mini plus phono pre-amp is a perfect solution for attaching a turntable to today’s audio equipment. It’s a low-noise, high quality phono pre-amp designed to work with moving-magnet and high-output moving-coil cartridges. The chassis helps ward off the effects of stray magnetic fields and provides a safe quiet environment for the sensitive electronics it houses thus providing you with the best sound possible from your turntable.

Feature list

  • ultra quiet MM phono amp
  • trim/gain output control
  • adjustable cartridge load capacitance
  • high-grade headphone amp
  • high-quality 1/8” headphone/line output
  • gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs
  • energy efficient external switch mode power supply
  • worldwide compatibility
  • rigid chassis construction
  • vibration damping feet

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