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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Heed EXILIR Integrated AmplifierHeed EXILIR Integrated Amplifier
Sale price$1,875.00 CAD
Heed EXILIR Integrated Amplifier
Heed Obelisk SI iii Black front viewHeed Obelisk SI iii Black back view
Sale priceFrom $2,250.00 CAD
Heed OBELISK SI iii Integrated Amplifier
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Heed OBELISK X2 PSU Power Supply
Sale price$1,299.00 CAD
Heed OBELISK X2 PSU Power Supply
Heed LAGRANGE Integrated AmplifierHeed LAGRANGE Integrated Amplifier
Sale price$5,799.00 CAD
Heed LAGRANGE Integrated Amplifier
Heed Abacus Dac S front view BlackHeed Abacus Dac S Back view
Sale price$2,199.00 CAD
Heed Abacus S DAC
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Heed Questar MM Phono Pre-AmplifierHeed Questar MM Phono Pre-Amplifier
Sale priceFrom $625.00 CAD
Heed Questar Phono Pre-Amplifier
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Heed Quasar Phono Pre-AmplifierHeed Quasar Q-PSU power supply