Ifi Audio Zen series is expanding with the NEW ZEN CAN !

Just a few months after their release, the iFi Audio's Zen DAC and Zen BLUE both gained 5-star reviews on WHAT HIFI and quickly became popular products among audiophiles.

Now, iFi audio from the UK, is back with a new Zen product, the ZEN CAN, an analogue headphone amplifier with awesome features usually reserved to high end headphones amps. The new ZEN CAN has trickle-down Class A discrete balanced circuitry from iFi audio’s CAN$2499 flagship Pro iCAN. With 15.1v @300 Ohms on tap, it has serious power that will make even difficult-to-drive headphones thump to the beat.

With the same beautiful aluminum enclosure as the other ZEN products, the ZEN CAN is robustly built with precise-feeling controls.

The iFi Zen CAN is an all analogue headphone amplifier with no digital input. You can connect any analogue audio source to it; such as the headphone output from Digital Audio Player (DAP), a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop, or via the RCA outputs from a CD player or phono stage. 

The iFi ZEN CAN can be combined with the Zen Blue to add Bluetooth reception, or can be combined with the Zen DAC to upgrade the DAC’s headphone amp stage. As well as a headphone amp, it can double as a preamp to feed a power amp or a pair of active speakers. 

Rich detail, engaging dynamics and the ability to drive all manner of headphones with ease – the ZEN CAN further extends the reputation of iFi’s ZEN Series for delivering exceptional sound at entry-level prices.

The iFI ZEN CAN is on demonstration in store at 5448 Saint-Laurent Blvd in Montreal and can be ordered online at www.artetson.ca for only CAN$ 249.